Our Services

An Exemplary End Result

We specialize in Real Estate, Home Modifications, Interior décor and accompaniments such as Plumbing, Electricals and property management.  We serve as a reliable provider for knowledge-driven solutions for Complex construction projects.

We have a team of professionals with a lot of expertise in the field of construction, desiring to coach you on making decisions on your construction needs. We support our clients from project inception to the commissioning of fully operational facilities

Our Expertise


Real Estate and Property Management

We know the ins and outs of real estate. We bring industry-leading expertise in numerous real estate services to the table. We have the contacts, services, technology and know-how to guide you from beginning to end no matter your needs. A few of our services include

  • Sales of Property
  • Rental management, vacation/resort leasing and sales
  • Commercial property maintenance

Home Modification

Our team is passionate about assisting and improving the lives of edifices. Our unrivalled knowledge backed with years of experience in completing the remake of buildings helps simplify the process. We advise each step of the way, from arranging assessments of buildings to design and construction.


Interior Decor

We work with your style and budget but at the same time ensure that guess work is trashed out of decorating. We also make proposals and ensure we reach a pact to address your design needs. A major facelift is given to office spaces and homes after our work is completed. The name to beat when it comes to interior décor is Pelirene.

One of the key differentiators when it comes to interior décor is lighting. We address all lighting needs so set your home apart from the others



The setup and design of modern offices and homes is incomplete if there no proper internet connection. Pelirene partners with major telecommunication networks to deliver fibre to offices and communities.


Plumbing and Electricals

Plumbing and Electricals are not retrofitted after a building is completed, rather, they form an integral part of the make of a building. We have a dedicated team specialized in addressing plumbing and electrical needs as a building is being worked on.

Our team can also help to identify and resolve plumbing and electrical issues of an edifice.


Need a Custom Work?